ZWEIG International is dedicated to assist its clients in making informed and timely decisions based on obtaining and analyzing primary information about the market environment and its trends.

In the most cost-effective and efficient manner, we build on information available within the client organization and from secondary sources of information (such as Press Releases, Patents, Annual Reports, Government and Regulatory filings, etc.) by direct interviews with knowledgeable individuals in the industry.

Together with our clients, the objectives, scope and timetable of our assignments are defined in order to have a clear agreement of the deliverables of the project.

Our analysis results in a clear understanding of market dynamics, including, for example:

  • Market size/growth/segmentation (by type of product, technology, end user, etc.)
  • Technology (existing, gaps, outlook)
  • Product requirements
  • Distribution
  • Competitors’ positioning
  • Competitive challenges
  • Nature of barriers
  • Market trends
  • Key success factors
  • Company/product image
  • Competitors’ image
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Etc.

Based on our analysis, we provide our clients with Conclusions and Recommendations, which are presented and analyzed with the client’s organization.

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